Title: Orion 2x Panorama
Optic: Canon EF200f2.8 at f/2.8
Filter: Baader 50mm LRGB
Camera: SBIG STL11000M C2 at -20°C, selfguiding
Date1: 2013-12-02 southern part
LRGB 52:36:32:48min, subexposure 4min
Ha 104min, subexposure 8min
Date2: 2013-12-04 northern part
LRGB 36:28:28:24min, subexposure 4min
Ha 104min, subexposure 8min
Date3: 2009-01-31 Pentax75, STL11k, M42 Inset LRGB-60:20:20:20min + 7:3:3:3min
26x Darks, 51x Bias, 59x Sky Flat, 8min Darks from older images
Location: Saharasky, Marocco
Preprocessing Pixinsight:
Image Calibration, CosmeticCorrection, StarAlignment, Image Integration, RGB STF-Stretching, L masked stretch script, L-RGB combination, StarAligment for Panorama (not perfect), GradientMergeMosaic
Ha-LRGB combination, MinimumFilter, inset of image of Date3, mMasked HighPass sharping of certain details, histogramm and color improvments
This is a L-RGB version