Namibia 2016
Object: NGC3532, OC in Carina
Optic: APM APO 107/700 + Riccardi Reducer f=524mm
Camera: Moravian G2 8300 @-20°C, EFW-2S-10
Filter: Baader RGB 36mm
Exposure: total 0.5h, R 6x2min, G 5x2min, B 5x2min, 228x Bias, 31xDark, 41x Flat
Mount: Alt7, FS2
Guiding: 8x50 Finder + ASI120MM, PHD-Guiding
Date: 2016-07-29, Farm Kiripotib Namibia
Image Processing
PI: BatchProcessingScript, ChannelCombination, BackgroundNeutralization, SpikesModule, STF-Stretch, ColorSaturation,
StarMask , MorphologicalTransformation, SCNR, StarMask, Mask with MMT
PS: Blend of Spikes, maskedColorBalance, maskedCurve, maskedDynamic, Levels, unsharpMasking
CRAW: final Tweaks