Namibia 2016
Object: Large Magellanic Cloud LMC
Optic: Canon EF 70-200/2,8 L IS II USM @ 135mm, f/4
Camera: Canon EOS6D @ 1600ISO
Exposure: total 1,6h, 24x4min, 63x Bias, 40x Flat
Mount: Alt7, FS2
Guiding: 8x50 Finder + ASI120MM, PHD-Guiding
Date1: 2016-08-04, Farm Kiripotib Namibia
Date2: 2016-08-05, Farm Kiripotib Namibia
PI: BatchPreprocessing Script, DBE, MaskedStretch, ColorCalibration, ColorSaturation, StarMask, SCNR, PixelMath (mix of 2 Versions one with MaskedStretch and with STF)
PS: maskedMinimumFilter, SoftLight, Screen, unsharpMasking, HueSaturation, Dynamic, maskedMinimum, maskedDynamic